Writing Resources

Research Materials:


Through the UW library system, you can find multiple databases that compile research papers on various topics in economics.






This guide will help you to log into databases that aren’t easily accessible through the library page. I’ll use JSTOR as an example but this will work for pretty much every major database.


  1. Go to “Log-In”
  2. Click “Find My Instituion”
  3. Click on “University of Wisconsin (Madison)”
  4. Enter your Net-ID.




Don’t know what to write about yet? Here are a few blogs that discuss current topics in the field of economics.


Matthew Yglesias (Niskanen) Slow Boring: https://www.slowboring.com/

Noah Smith: https://noahpinion.substack.com/archive?sort=new

Claudia Sahm (Former Federal Reserve Economist): 


Scott Lincicome (Cato Institute): https://capitolism.thedispatch.com/