About Equilibrium

Founded in 2010 and first published in 2011, Equilibrium is the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s undergraduate journal of economics. Our mission is to showcase the excellent research undertaken by undergraduates in the economics department and to convey economic literature to a wider audience. Each volume of Equilibrium includes articles written and edited by undergraduates about research projects, interviews with department faculty, and opinion pieces on trending topics in economics. Copies of previous volumes of Equilibrium can be found in the undergraduate economics office, Steenbock Library, and on this site.

This website was created while working on Volume 8 of Equilibrium when the editorial board decided to increase our audience. Our online writers focus on informing readers about the latest in economic research and providing economic-based perspectives on current events of all topics as they arise.

Equilibrium exists thanks to the continual support of the Department of Economics and its’ academic and career advisors. Through financing, guidance, and the occasional pizza, the department has fostered an environment where economics students can apply their coursework in a way that builds critical and statistical skills.

Previous volumes published can be viewed digitally here: https://issuu.com/uwequilibrium.com

Want to write for Equilibrium’s online journal? Contact us at uwequilibrium@gmail.com