Faculty Support

EQ genuinely thanks our Econ faculty members/ Office for supporting the Faculty Review and publication process!

(Alphabetically by last name; both below and in Field tabs)

Prof. Benjamin Bernard;  Prof. Matteo Camboni;  Prof. Stella Chan;  Prof. Harold Chiang;  Prof. Gwen Eudey;  Prof. Rebecca Glawtschew;  Prof. Jesse Gregory;  Prof. David Hansen;  Prof. Korinna Hansen;  Prof. Christopher McKelvey;  Prof. Gregory Pac;  Prof. Gwyn Pauley;  Prof. Jeffrey Smith;  Prof. Lones Smith

(more to add)

UW-Madison Economics Undergraduate Research Showcase

Prof. Harold Chiang [wisc]

Prof. Jesse Gregory [wisc]; Prof. David Hansen [wisc]; Prof. Gwyn Pauley [wisc]; Prof. Jeffrey Smith [wisc]

Prof. Gwen Eudey [wisc]

Prof. Benjamin Bernard [wisc]; Prof. Matteo Camboni [wisc]; Prof. Lones Smith [wisc]

Prof. Jesse Gregory [wisc]; Prof. Jeffrey Smith [wisc]