Vol.14 Editorial Board

Eric Hsienchen Chu

Position title: Editor-in-Chief

Majors: Economics(honors), Statistics, Mathematics

Ling Lei

Position title: Online Editor

Majors: Mathematics and Economics

Aaron Mathew

Position title: Outreach Director

Majors: Economics(honors) and Mathematics

Yegor Baranovski

Position title: Faculty Liaison

Majors: Economics(honors) and Statistics

Journal Advisor & Design Partner

Tara Ninmann

Position title: Equilibrium Journal Advisor


7324A Social Science

Communications Specialist, Department of Economics

Amy Schultz

Position title: Design Partner: CA605


6072 Vilas Hall

Digital Certificate Advisor, Department of Communication Arts

Former EQ Staff

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Vol.13 Editorial Board (2022-23)

Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Watiker

Editor-in-Chief: Eric Hsienchen Chu

Online Editor: Charlie Fahey

Faculty Liaison: Zachary Heintz

Contributing Writers: Yegor Baranovski, Eric Hsienchen Chu, Ben Coleman, Alexandra Dogaru, Zachary Golden, Novak He, Meghna Krishna, Ling Lei, Ethan Leifman, Aaron Mathew, Dhruvi Singh Raghuwanshi, George Vajagich, Wisconsinites for Inclusion and Diversity in Economics (WIDE)*

Graphic Designers: Jamie Randall, Lauren Hando

Vol.12 Editorial Board (2021-22)

Editor-in-Chief: Anna Steffensen

Online Editor: Ryan Cody

Faculty Liaison: Aiden Regan

Outreach Director: Matthew Watiker

Contributing Writers: Eric Alberts, Emily Wang, Thomas Haddock, Eric Hsienchen Chu, Novak He, Zachary Heintz, Max Levy, Rohan Snah, Alexandra Dogaru, Charlie Fahey.

Graphic Designers: Betsy McKinney, Grace Houdek.

Vol.11 Editorial Board (2020-21)

Editor-in-Chief: Iris Soojin Park

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Sauer

Online Editor: Anna Steffensen

Faculty Liaison: Fatima Ali 

Outreach Director: Abby Fehler

Contributing Writers: Rahul Bhavsar, Weesam Chehab, Ryan Cody, Conner Gates, Garett T. Gloudemans, Novak He, Aiden Regan, Tye Rubin, Tony Sartori, Rohan Snah, Matthew Watiker.

Graphic Designers: Julia Terhaerdt, Jiazhi Yang.

Vol.10 Editorial Board (2019-20)

Editor-in-Chief: Catherine Peterson

Managing Editor: Iris Park

Managing Editor: Michael Sauer

Managing Editor: Bobby Pfefferle

Contributing Writers: Fatima Ali, Mathew Attipetty, Gabe Cohen, Abby Fehler, Serene Foo, Jack Hays, Karina Kloth, Bulat Schamiloglu, Anna Steffensen, Kesong Cao.

Graphic Designers: Kylie Compe, Abby Lipman.

Vol.9 Editorial Board (2018-19)

Editor-in-Chief: Jonathan Kim

Managing Editor: Catherine O’Brien

Managing Editor: Matthew Theobald

Managing Editor: Rachel Widra

Contributing Writers: Joe Hayes, Nicoletta Sumarta, Bobby Pfefferle, Wilson Horn, Michael Sauer, Iris Park, Faisal Al-Yaseen.

Graphic Designers: Pedro Goulart, Matt Stout.

Vol.8 Editorial Board (2017-18)

Editor-in-Chief: Caroline Liang

Managing Editor: Jason Geissler

Managing Editor: Jake Reiners

Managing Editor: Carlie Lamke

Contributing Writers: Luke Geistlinger, Matthew Theobald, Sam Dudek, Zach Swaziek, Isaac Meflhaff, Sam Coady, Sheng Qu, Caroline Lamke, Roz Stengle, Tanvi Tilloo, Guodong Sun, Marcus Poon.

Design Director: Xi Chen

Vol.6 Editorial Board (2015-16)

Editor-in-Chief: Neil Patel

Managing Editor: Amrit Hundal

Managing Editor: Anthony Oates

Communication Director: Razan Aldagher

Contributing Writers: Connor Thellman, Morgan Klaeser, Zachary Legge, Sidney Beaumaster, Joshua Anderson, Elissa Kosadi, Michael Orlowski.

Graphic Designer: Madeleine Jones

Vol.5 Editorial Board (2014-15)

Editor-in-Chief: Amy Wang

Editor-in-Chief: Neha Alluri

Managing Editor: Paul Sutherland

Managing Editor: Michael Orlowski

Managing Editors: Neil Patel

Contributing Writers: Razan Dagher, Amrit Hundal, Madeleine Jones, Zhipeng Zhu, Elissa Kosadi, Brody Kothe, Anthony Oates, Connor Thellman.

Graphic Designer: Madeleine Jones, Christina Sze

Vol.4 Editorial Board (2013-14)


Editor-in-Chief: Geoffrey Curley

Editor-in-Chief: Justin Bloesch

Managing Editor: John Fay

Managing Editor: John Kappinus

Managing Editors: Zhipeng Zhu

Contributing Writers: Eric Lucari, Neha Alluri, Sarah Hogue, Brody Kothe, Amy Wang, Ethan Mark.

Graphic Designer: Taylor McGrath, Nate Burian, Stephanie Curley

Vol.3 Editorial Board (2012-13)

Editor-in-Chief: Alexander Rosenthal

Editor-in-Chief: John Fay

Managing Editor: Geoffrey Curley

Managing Editor: Eric Lucari

Editor: Sam Clegg

Editor: Joel Cohen

Contributing Writers: Taylor Kostal, Wendy Yeong, Andrew Tapper, Will Strinz, Jonathan Schellenberg, Sarah Hogue.

Researchers: Evan Mast, Brandon Williams, Ray Kluender, Ben Stenhaug, Sam Schreiber, Yanpei Lu.

Vol.2 & Inaugural Vol.1 (2010-12)

Economics Matters. Spring 2011 & Spring 2012. Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

We are genuinely grateful to all the former EQ contributors. Without the foundation work, EQ would not smoothly thrive to where it is today.

Economics Matters. Fall 2021. Department of Economics, University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Equilibrium exists thanks to the continual support of the Department of Economics, caring faculty members, and all our alumni. Through financing, guidance, and the occasional socials, the department has fostered an environment where economics students can apply their coursework in a way that builds critical and statistical skills.

Editorial Board

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